1.1 Causing the death of another person

They give you this little rulebook when you come into prison.
It is full of helpful advice, like not to kill anyone.
You can tell it is an important rule because they put it first.

In this case, and some others, the rulebook…

3.1 Making, transferring or having possession of a firearm, knife, razor blade, bludgeon or other weapon, instrument, material or substance which is readily capable of causing or inducing fear of death or physical injury

A homemade knife, covered in rust, its handle made of wrapped string or fabric. It is held in a hand to show to the camera.

You got caught with a knife, huh?

Major violation, 1 year in maximum security, 1–3 months…

2.1 Causing serious physical injury to another either with or without a weapon, or through the use of any substance, instrument or device which can cause physical injury.
2.2 Causing a person to come into contact with or throwing/projecting feces or body fluids, i.e., urine, blood, saliva, etc.
2.3 …

Lex Sectator

I write about prison, and crime in prison.

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